The Downward Spiral

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down_thespiral takes place in mid-season 4 and 7 of Angel and of Buffy the vampire slayer. Angel is still Angelus, Cordelia had sex with Connor earlier and has already had Jasmine. She had a brief coma, but it already awake and no longer evil. Buffy hears about permanent midnight and takes Dawn with her to LA, with the danger of the first still around in Sunnydale. Spike, still at the mercy of the first's trigger, follows Buffy. Connor is angry about Cordelia and out of control to start. Samantha Finn is killed by a demon with a wolfram and Hart Los Angeles card in it's jacket. Riley takes the card and it's head with him to Los Angeles. Lindsey was brought back, more strong then before, after Lilah was killed. Jasmine and permanent midnight still exist in LA, though Jasmine won't be a played character in the story... The first will be played by Gunn/Drusilla and even Buffy.

Disclaimer! These characters are the property of Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, the former WB network, the former UPN network and fox television. This is just a view from a different and probably twisted! angle!

down_thespiral is a closed game between Jeff and Chrissy. We have all of the characters needed, but would love for any and all viewers!

The Regular Characters:
Angel/Angelus: shanshu_angel
Buffy Summers: badass__buffy
Spike: railroad_spike
Faith Lehane: badass_slayer
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: pryce_less
Cordelia Chase: queen_chase
Dawn Summers: lil_sis_dawn
Connor: superhero_son
Riley Finn: finn_rileyfinn

The Sometimes Used:
Rupert Giles: backintweed
Xander Harris: powerless_scoob
Willow Rosenberg: netgirl_wills
Kennedy: scorned_kennedy
Lindsey McDonald: ethicallydevoid
Robin Wood: born_to_battle

The First evil: loaded_gunn and darkprincessdru