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Connor predictably storms off. - The Downward Spiral [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Downward Spiral

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Connor predictably storms off. [Dec. 24th, 2006|12:20 pm]
The Downward Spiral


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We had managed to finagle Connor away from his rage for long enough to get Angel down to my jeep. I quickly surmised by observing the events that had led to us going down the stairs, Cordy in front of me, both of us behind Faith and Connor carrying Angelus, that Connor was responding to Faith's show of power.

It turned out, that once again, I was very much accurate in my assertion, for both Cordy and I could see that Connor smiled as Angel tried to get away, tied up, and Faith pummedled him with a barrage of right hands to his face, incapacitating Angelus, probably unconscious.

Connor's kicking him in the ribs, with brutality, seemed to be a bit of overkill, but only served to prove my point. Faith and Angel crowded the backseat, keeping Angelus, who was temporarily unconscious, in between of them, and after I had shot two demons, one vampire and one Murkata demon, the Murkata now dead, Cordy and I filled the front two seats.

I wasn't about to quabble about Connor's obvious distaste for Angelus or Angel, who might very well be back soon. This was far more productive then was pointing a gun at him and potentially facing his wrath. I screamed away from outside of Connor's apartment and within minutes, we were back at the Hyperion.

Once there, We quickly dragged Angel downstairs, and Faith and Connor tossed him into the cage, and locked the door. Connor looked at Faith and seemed to be okay, but then, he decided to look our way, and had a hateful expression for Cordy, for some reason related to the strange birth of their child and for me for pointing the gun at him.

He rushed past us and as much as I wanted to speak to her about her conversation with Willow so that I could ascertain when Willow would be here, Cordy decided to chase Connor, leaving Faith and I looking at each other, Angelus starting to stir inside of the cage.

"Connor is a timebomb, Faith, but he seems to respond to you like he used to respond to Cordy. I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with Cordy trying to control Connor right now, maybe you should go after them and get Cordy back down here?"

As I said it, Angelus, through the bars, grabbed at Faith's leg and she now seemed determined to stay here and make sure that Angel was secured.

I walked up the stairs and saw that Cordy had actually managed to corral Connor by the shoulders, and seemed to have him at least listening to her.

"Cordy seems to have Connor under some control..."

[Faith and Angelus]

[User Picture]From: pryce_less
2007-01-12 12:03 am (UTC)
"Nothin' left to do now but wait. Lucky for us, Buffy and friends just happen to be in town. convenient, don't you agree?"

Somewhat distracted with worry about how Cordy could possibly control Connor upstairs and thinking about Fred as I was with every second, the last thing that Faith should be doing, in my opinion, was taunting Angel, because he would surely respond and I knew that Faith would get jacked up over it.

"Convenient for you, Faith. Sure. Without help, you know that you can't take me, so Buffy showing up kinda lets you off of the hook, doesn't it?"

I wanted to shoot him. If he had killed Fred instead of the Beast doing it, then he would already be riddled with bullets and have a stake through his heart that would then lay on the ground immersed in his ashes.

"Isn't it kinda pathetic, Wes, that Faith is and will always be inferior to Buffy? Buffy would try to handle me, not that she can, without the bars in the way. Faith here doesn't have the balls for that, obviously."

"Faith, don't take the bait. He's trying to get out of the cage. Be above Connor and keep the rage inside. Remember that this isn't Angel. He doesn't mean that. Buffy would ensoul him in a second and use the safest way possible. Angel cares about you, Faith, remember that. He was there for you when you needed him and when even I didn't believe that you could be rehabilitated. Angelus will say anything to get things in his favor, and a lot of the time, those words are false..."

I looked from him to her, gun still in my hand, but my eyes displayed caring for her and that I meant every word that I said, which of course, is true.
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