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There's nothing like the blood of your loins to guide you. - The Downward Spiral [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Downward Spiral

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There's nothing like the blood of your loins to guide you. [Nov. 21st, 2006|09:37 am]
The Downward Spiral


[mood |giddygiddy]

The fight with Buffy and Spike had not gone the way that I had planned. I had wanted to kill Spike because he was a pain in the ass. Even if I could get him to see my way of thinking, he was too crazy at this point to be any use to me, even though he had roamed with me in the past. Besides, he was a pain in the ass and I didn't like him and had liked his poetry at one point.

He had drained me of some of my blood, so I needed to retool and did that by killing two sisters right outside of their house after fleeing the scene of the fight with Buffy and Spike. I was trying to figure out what the hell Spike's problem was. Why would he be helping Buffy, then seem to want to attack her? Why would he bite flesh out of me? I wouldn't have seen that coming from miles away.

Worst of all, my plans to kill Spike, hurt Buffy really bad, and who knows, maybe even sexually assault her for a trip down memory lane and then take Dawn and start the real terrorizing of Buffy by making Dawn a demon...had been banished, and the cavalry had been coming. I saw Giles, Willow and Xander from on high after I had split.

I got my kills and was now torn of two minds. I wanted Dawn to be a demon. There wasn't a better way to make Buffy feel eternal anguish. Sure, she would come after me, but she would not only be facing me at that point. She would be facing her sister too, and I would have made sure that Dawn was ready to fight against a slayer. I would make her the most evil thing walking the land, outside of me of course.

I still wanted to go back for them, and would, but first, ther ewas Wesley, there was Cordelia and there was the punk of my spunk to deal with. The beast had beat me to killing Gunn and Fred and though I had killed Lorne, I hadn't drained him and once more, my plans had failed.

All was not lost, though, because there was nothing as powerful as blood to lead me right to them, even in a city where blood was being spilled on every block. That blood was piercing, and made me long for another kill, but unlike those vampires killing below, I had an agenda and was actually a threat. Besides, the blood that I wanted was getting closer and I couldn't believe that I hadn't gone here sooner. Connor was there, Cordelia was there, and I believed that I smelled the faintest of traces of Wesley and his grief and fear. Somebody else was there, but I couldn't help but smile when I thought about Wesley and his grief. He had found the bodies of Fred, Gunn and Lorne. His love of Fred would now make him easy to convert, even without turning him. He was already over the edge and had been since the other half of me had tried to smother him months back.

Now, I knew. I didn't know about Cordy's pregnancy. Something wasn't right there. But, all was not lost. I was about to find out. Easy pickings were afoot. Wesley probably had a gun, but Cordy would be easy to kill and it would be so fitting, since she had betrayed the other side of me in order to sleep with the runty punk of my spunk.

When those two were gone, I would finally get that chance to face Connor the way that he had always wanted to. I wouldn't turn him, though. I would hurt him, and badly, and make him face more loss, just to see how far over the edge that he went.

The plan was brilliant, if I did say so myself, and it was time to live it. I crashed in through the window, only I didn't expect to see Faith there. This just became tougher, but I still had a smile on my face.

"A bonus. I get slayer blood tonight. I almost did earlier, but now, I don't think that I'll fail."

Wesley raised the gun to fire, but like lightning, I charged him and grabbed his hand before he could pull the trigger and flung the gun out of the window and him, hard into the wall. He wouldn't be getting up for a while. This was tougher, now, but not altogether bad. Faith couldn't take me and already knew it.

[Faith, Connor, Wesley and Cordy]

[User Picture]From: superhero_son
2006-11-29 05:47 am (UTC)
I would have leapt back through the very window that Angelus tossed me out of, but I could tell that my equilibrium was way off.

That wasn't going to stop me from going through that door and pummeling him with every thing that I had before dusting him in front of Cordy, which was what motivated to charge up the stairs.

I came in just in time to watch Wesley smash him across the head with a club, with my club. I had used that before against some slimy demons. I wanted to do that to Angelus, to my real father. Faith had gotten him under control, somehow, and then Wesley had hit him. I stepped in, wondering how I could hurt him.

"Connor, Angelus is unconscious. Now, we have to focus on getting his soul put back in him, so if you need to stew, go kill some demons, but Faith stops you if you try to stake your father right now."

I wiped blood off of myself and then seethed. "Why put the soul back in him? He's a killer, he'll just lose it again and kill more people. We should just finish him off now."

I didn't care about any threats about Faith stopping me. Let's see her try, I thought as I whipped out my stake and approached the real beast in this city.
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From: queen_chase
2006-11-29 05:07 pm (UTC)

He still doesn't understand, and how could he after everything he's been through?

With a lot of effort, not to mention pain, I finally was able to get up off the floor and take a few steps toward Angel just in time to block Connors path. I shook my head slowly but the pain and anger in his eyes told me that wasn't going to help. I had no choice...

I raised my hand to Connors cheek and, just like before, began to glow. There was still so much I didn't know about my demon powers and probably a lot more I didn't want to know about them. All I could do was hope that this power, the one I was using now, wasn't one of those works-only-once ordeals. If I couldn't calm him down he was going to attack Angel and I don't think even Faith could stop him.

"Connor listen to me, you can't kill your father. This thing, the demon, it's not who he is and some where in you, I think you know that."
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[User Picture]From: shanshu_angel
2006-11-30 04:54 am (UTC)
Wesley had hit me with something wooden and he had hit me hard and my mid-section felt like it was going to explode, from the constantly getting kneed in the nuts.

Faith was still holding me down and I heard Connor. That's what woke me up, but I played it off. Faith was close and had to be alert for what I was doing, or if I made any movements.

Connor, though, had distracted Faith. As always, Connor was better then one of the bad guys. His anger was my ticket home.

"Connor listen to me, you can't kill your father. This thing, the demon, it's not who he is and some where in you, I think you know that."

I grabbed Faith's throat and even though I was sore, I moved behind her, putting her in an arm bar, her neck right there for me. Head aching, balls creaming, this was my chance.

"Yeah Connor, you don't want to kill me, not that you could...because if you did, you would be killing off Angel and nobody wants that."
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From: badass_slayer
2006-12-01 02:53 pm (UTC)
"Wanna bet?" I choked out before elbowing him in the gut.

Angel laughed at whatever pain that might have caused but his hold on my neck was still tight and gettin' tighter.If that damn kid of his hadn't come in here all hell bent on stickin' it to daddy this wouldn't have happened. I was really startin' to dislike the little brat and reminded myself to kick his ass for this later.

"So what's the plan big guy? You gonna throw us both out that window there and drag me kickin' and screamin' back to your little vamp love nest?" He squeezed my neck more. I laughed. "Hate to break it to ya but my names not Buffy and I'm not down with the whole necrophilia thing. I like my men warm and soulful."

I put both hands on his arm and quickly bent forward using the muscles in my back and legs and throw Angel over my shoulder. I would have staked him right then and there if that little voice in my head that sounded a lot like B hadn't stopped me. That beast thing Wes kept talkin' about was still out there and somethin' told me we'd need Angel around to help kick it's ass all the way back to whatever hell it came from.

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[User Picture]From: superhero_son
2006-12-01 08:17 pm (UTC)
"Yeah Connor, you don't want to kill me, not that you could...because if you did, you would be killing off Angel and nobody wants that."

He got back control over Faith and could bite into her at any moment. Sudden movements could mean Faith's life. But, was she not a slayer? She was strong. He wouldn't be able to drain her before I got to him.

"Nobody realizes that Angel's just a face that you are forced to wear. This is your real face..."

I sneered, knowing that Faith was in this position because I had distracted her when I came back in. It pissed me off.

I moved over and sized things up. I could hear Wesley coming back up the stairs. I saw the gun that he had in his car. I could make Angelus distracted again and give Wesley a clean shot where he wouldn't hurt Faith.

"You can try whatever you will on Faith. I'm still going to get to you and this time, I'm going to do what I should have done on that boat..."

I moved closer, but he moved with me, putting Faith in between him and myself. He was going to bite her and turn her. Why did she have to bring the lovenest thing up? Of course that's what Angelus would do. She was sexy and strong, perfect to be his new Darla...my mother.
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